A not-for-profit member’s club, for tennis, squash, racketball, table tennis, fitness and social activities


No matter what your age or ability, The Avenue has something that can cater for your tennis needs


With 3 courts including one glass backed, there are plenty of opportunities to play

Table Tennis

With a thriving social table tennis scene, and 2 teams that play in the Portsmouth and District Table tennis league, there’s something for all standards


Gym with cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights along with a selection of group exercise classes


We have our own bar and function room and a thriving social community holding regular social activities and events

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Tennis Bye-laws

The Avenue Lawn Tennis Squash and Fitness Club Tennis Bylaws

1. Introduction

1.1 The grass courts (nos 1-10) are open from late April until the end of September depending on the weather.

1.2 The all-weather courts (nos 11-17) are open all year round.

1.3 Block-bookings Courts are ‘block-booked’ (ie pre-booked by the office staff more than one week in advance) on the Club’s online booking system for the following play:

a) Tournaments sanctioned by the Tennis Committee (see Note d).

b) Inter-Club Team matches.

c) Junior Tournaments.

d) Group coaching as advertised on The Avenue Tennis website.

e) Team Practice.

f) Mix-ins.

1.4 Team matches are normally played on the grass courts during the summer. If bad weather prevents (or stops) play – matches may only be switched to the all-weather courts if there are sufficient free courts available.

1.5 Mix-ins are defined as block-booked sessions at designated days and times where members in the appropriate categories can turn up and play. They must hold appropriate membership or are paid guests. Doubles matches are formed from those members who have waited longest. Players must ‘mix in’ after playing one short set.

1.6 Booking System: Any tennis member (including juniors) can book courts up to a maximum of 4 consecutive half-hour sessions in one day. If persons who have booked a court fail to turn up within 10 minutes of scheduled start time other members waiting may play on that court.

1.7 Booking Charges: All tennis courts are subject to a £2 charge for every 30 minutes booked. The maximum court bookable time is 120 minutes. Courts are booked via the online login and the member booking the court pays the full court fee. Members need to have funds on their online account to book courts. The booking fee is refunded to the member that paid the fee when the booker or one of the named players on the booking fobs through the gate. Please note: All members are still expected to fob in.

1.8 More information on the Booking System: Further instructions on fobbing in, topping up funds, refunds, rebooking, changes to booking times and cancelling courts can be found here.

2. Grass Courts

2.1 Team Practice / Mix-ins Unless required for matches, the following courts are
reserved. * Junior mix-in on alternate Sundays.

EventDayNo of CourtsCourt NosTimes
Evening mix-inTuesdaySix5 to 1016:30 until dusk
Team PracticeWednesdayTen1 to 1018:30 to 20:30
Evening mix-inThursdaySix5 to 1016:30 until dusk
Weekend mix-inSaturdaySix6 to 1013:00 to 16:30
Weekend mix-inSunday*Four5 to 813:00 to 16:30

2.2 Juniors: Juniors can play on any grass court at any time.

3. All-weather courts

3.1 Floodlights: Members need to have funds on their online account to book floodlights. Courts can be paid for on your day of play by using the online booking system. More detailed instructions are on the Club’s website (see link in para 1.8).

3.2 Mix-ins in Summer when grass closed: When grass courts are closed in summer due to wet weather, mix-ins can take place on any all-weather courts that are not already booked. Times are the same as winter play.

3.3 Winter Play The following courts are block-booked:

EventDayNo of CourtsCourt NosTimes
Evening mix-inTuesdayOne1417:30 to 19:30
Evening mix-inTuesdayThree15 to 1716:30 to 20:30
Team PracticeWednesdayFive11 to 1518:30 to 20:30
Evening mix-inThursdayTwo15 & 1616:30 to 20:30
Evening mix-inThursdayOne1717:30 to 20:00
Weekend mix-inSaturdayFour14 to 1713:00 to 16:30
Weekend mix-in / Junior mix-in**SundayThree15 to 1713:00 to 16:30

**Alternate Sundays.

3.4 All-year-round Daytime Play: The following courts are block-booked:

EventDayNo of CourtsCourt NosTimes
Ladies mix-inThursdayFour14 to 1709:30 to 11:00
Daytime mix-inFridayFour11 to 1409:00 to 12:00

4. Coaching

4.1 Courts 11 to 13 are block-booked for coaching (group lessons) in accordance with the agreed coaching programme. Where necessary, courts 14 to 16 can also be block booked for coaching.
4.2 Additional coaching requirements (ie private individual coaching) must be booked through the booking system.
4.3 Paid coaching, other than that provided by Avenue Tennis, is prohibited.

5. Guests

5.1 Guests may play only if accompanied by a member. The member is responsible for payment of the appropriate fee and for admitting the guest into the club.
5.2 Guests are allowed a maximum of three playing visits to the club per year unless by invitation from the Tennis Committee.
5.3 Guests may attend coaching sessions (individual or group) but must pay the appropriate fee to the coach and the club.

Additional Notes

a. Guidance on using the online booking system can be found here.

b. At all times members and their guests must observe the general principles of ‘tennis etiquette’ i.e. respecting the privacy of our neighbours, avoiding foul and abusive language and avoiding walking behind or shouting across a court whilst a rally is in progress.

c. Regular spot checks will be made by Tennis Committee members to check that players are entitled to play on the Grass courts. Notice of this will be announced in advance in the weekly newsletter.

d. For major tournaments (played on the ten grass courts) the all-weather courts (numbers 11 to 17) are reserved as back up in case bad weather prevents (or stops) play.

e. Players exiting the clay courts are politely requested to use the water bath and brushes provided to clean their shoes. This will prevent sand from being spread around the club and in the clubhouse.

Please contact us to find out more about what the club has to offer and our membership packages, visits to the club are welcomed by appointment please call the club office to make an appointment.

023 9248 2750

The Avenue LTS&FC, Southleigh Rd, Havant, PO9 2RS

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