Free WiFi

To connect to the free WiFi : 

1) Using your device look for the wireless network : Avenue LTSFC

2) Select Avenue LTSFC and click on Connect

3) If you are a registered user, it should auto connect you. No other action is required. Just start surfing!

4) If this is your first time and you are a not a registered user, open a web page and you should see the purple portal page :

5) Click on the orange Form button.

6) Accept the conditions.

7) Complete the fields on the registration screen.

Note ALL fields are mandatory.

8) You are now ready to log on! Don't forget to use the bar to make your web browsing a more pleasant experience.

 Free WiFi

Please note : We have set a time limit of 120 minutes per session.
You will need to log in again after 120 minutes have passed.