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 Avenue grass tennis courtsThe Club has ten superb grass courts, three synthetic grass and four artificial clay courts. The four artificial clay and 3 synthetic grass offer year-round all-weather play and are all floodlit for evening play. Tournaments, team practice sessions and social play are organised by the club, offering a range of play to suit all tastes and ages.

Members are welcome at the regular and lively social tennis sessions on evenings and weekends which are suited to a range of abilities.
For more competitive tastes, the club also enters a large number of mens’, ladies’, mixed, junior and veterans’ teams in local and national competitions.



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Avenue singles box league

Welcome to the new Avenue singles box leagues, aimed at encouraging some fun, competitive tennis for both men and women.
The first set of leagues, based on rough ability, are included below and consist of 30 players split into five groups of six.

Avenue singles box league 2 (Aug 1 – Sep 15 2020)

Following a successful first Avenue singles summer box league, the second league for men and women will run from Sat August 1 until Tuesday Sep 15.

Divisions, based on ability levels, will be reduced from six players to four (or five) on this occasion as the period coincides with the summer knockout tournaments.

New players have been included, existing players have been promoted and relegated to better reflect general ability levels while those players that played no matches have been removed unless they had good reasons for doing so (injury etc).

In a tweak to the points system, each player will receive one point for playing each game (to reward playing), winning players will receive three points while losing players will pick up one point if they win a set.

Players will play each other once each, so three (or four) matches in total. They can be organized in any order but please organize them as early as possible to account for injuries and bad weather. Players will be promoted or relegated depending on performance and the influx of new players.

The default match format will be two or three normal sets with a tie-break at 6-6. However, to make things as flexible as possible and if both players agree, matches can be two normal sets followed by a third set consisting of a long tie-break up to 10. Alternatively players may also agree a shorter set format – first to four – best of three sets should they wish.

Most players have been included in the group email and What’s App group so please contact your opponent individually to arrange matches. Those not included will be given their opponents details directly and their details will be given to other players.

Please report all match results to Phil Tusler via text 07909 662491 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. New players will join future leagues to either replace existing players or add to the league structure.

If successful, one further league will run this year – between September 16 and Oct 31. Hopefully we will start the leagues earlier next year in April.

Group 1: David Moakes. Antonio Mironovic. Jay Smith. Dougie Galley

Group 2: Martyn Lawrenson. Lee Keeping. Bailey Rowsell. Phil Broad

Lee Keeping bt Bailey Rowsell 6-2 7-6

Group 3: John Wright. Phil Tusler. David Spink. Sam Coles. Anthony Spencer

Group 4: Dennis Greenwood. Robert Haines. Andy Perkins. George Knight

Group 5: Sarah Long. Leane Stevenson. Phil Pinto. Mike Smith. Matt Hotchkiss

Group 6: John Walls. James Cox. Stephen Chatfield. Edwina Acason. Jean Dymock

Avenue singles box league 1 (June 16 – July 31 2020)

Group 1: Dougie Galley (10pts). Martyn Lawrenson (9pts). Lee Keeping (6pts). Paul Whittenham (5pts). Paul Mifsud (2pts). John Wright


Paul Whittenham bt Dougie Galley 7-5 5-7 10-7

Lee Keeping bt John Wright 4-2 4-2

Martyn Lawrenson bt John Wright 7-5 6-3

Martyn Lawrenson bt Lee Keeping 6-3 6-1

Martyn Lawrenson bt Paul Whittenham 6-1 7-6

Paul Whittenham drew with Paul Mifsud 5-7 6-2

Dougie Galley bt John Wright 6-0 6-0

Lee Keeping bt Paul Whittenham 6-0 6-3

Dougie Galley bt Lee Keeping 6-4 7-5

Dougie Galley bt Martyn Lawrenson 6-2 6-4

Group 2: Richard Marston (3pts). Phil Broad (3pts). Phil Tusler. Geoff Tarvin. Ian Holt (inj). Neil Crawford


Richard Marston bt Phil Tusler 6-2 6-3

Phil Broad bt Phil Tusler

Group 3: David Spink (15pts). Sam Coles (9pts). Andy Perkins (7pts). Dennis Greenwood (6pts). Matt Hotchkiss (1pt). George Knight


Andy Perkins bt Matt Hotchkiss 6-2 6-2

Sam Coles bt Andy Perkins 4-6 6-2 6-0

Sam Coles bt Matt Hotchkiss 6-1 6-1

Sam Coles bt Dennis Greenwood (w/o)

Dennis Greenwood bt George Knight 6-2 6-1

David Spink bt Sam Coles 6-3 6-2

David Spink bt Andy Perkins 6-1 6-3

David Spink bt Dennis Greenwood 6-4 6-2

Andy Perkins bt Dennis Greenwood 6-4 6-4

Dennis Greenwood bt Matt Hotchkiss 1-6 6-1 7-5

David Spink bt Matt Hotchkiss 6-0 6-2

David Spink bt George Knight 6-1 6-4

Group 4: Anthony Spencer (12pts). Robert Haines. Stephen Chatfield (inj). Richard Mead (inj). Mike Smith. Harry Harrison


Anthony Spencer bt Harry Harrison

Anthony Spencer bt Mike Smith

Anthony Spencer bt Robert Haines 7-5 7-5

Anthony Spencer bt Richard Mead 6-2 6-2

Group 5: Sarah Long (15pts). Nicolette Lock (10pts). Leane Stevenson (9pts). Sam Strauss (2pts) (inj). Imogen Karas. Edwina Acason


Nicolette Lock bt Edwina Acason 7-5 6-2

Leane Stevenson bt Nicolette Lock 6-0 4-6 6-3

Sarah Long bt Leane Stevenson 6-3 6-3

Sarah Long bt Nicolette Lock 6-3 6-2

Nicolette Lock bt Imogen Karas 6-2 6-4

Sarah Long bt Edwina Acason 6-2 6-3

Sarah Long bt Imogen Karas 6-2 6-3

Leane Stevenson bt Imogen Karas 6-2 6-2

Nicolette Lock bt Sam Strauss 0-6 6-1 6-4

Leane Stevenson bt Sam Strauss 6-3 6-0

Sarah Long bt Sam Strauss 7-6 6-7 6-1


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