A not-for-profit member’s club, for tennis, squash, racketball, table tennis, fitness and social activities


No matter what your age or ability, The Avenue has something that can cater for your tennis needs


With 3 courts including one glass backed, there are plenty of opportunities to play

Table Tennis

With a thriving social table tennis scene, and 2 teams that play in the Portsmouth and District Table tennis league, there’s something for all standards


Gym with cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights along with a selection of group exercise classes


We have our own bar and function room and a thriving social community holding regular social activities and events

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COVID19 Secure General Rules

Health assessment

Before travelling to the club to participate in sports or social activities members will self-assess their health to make sure that they do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 infection i.e. a new continuous cough, a high temperature and/or a loss or change of sense of taste or smell.


If they show any of the symptoms, they should self-isolate and arrange a test for Covid-19. Similarly, a member will not visit the club if someone in their household has Covid-19 or they have been asked to self-isolate.

Personal hygiene

Hands will be thoroughly washed on entry to the Club.
Members will regularly wash their hands particularly after touching shared “equipment” e.g. shared tennis balls, net winders, light switches, taps, toilet flushes etc.
Touching the face will be avoided in order to reduce the risk of viral transmission.
Hands will be thoroughly washed before exiting the club.

Social distancing

Physical separation distances of 2metres between individuals will be maintained at all times unless there are other mitigation measures in place when 1 metre separation will be acceptable, these arrangements will be made clear in the specific rules for different sports and social activities.
In general, the 2 metre rule will apply for all sports activities.
Members will respect physical distancing markings within the club e.g. floor tapes, one-way systems etc.
All activities will be pre-booked to make social distancing achievable and to assist NHS Test and Trace when infections have been identified.
Access to the club will only be granted when named members have pre-booked activities.
Access will be made possible through the use of a member’s fob. Members will not give access to the club to anyone who is not named on the pre-booking system.

Enhanced cleaning

Members will assist in maintaining high standards of cleanliness by sanitising common use equipment and facilities such as taps, toilet flushes, gym equipment before and after use where requested. Notices will be displayed where member support in maintaining cleanliness is needed.

Sports and social activities

All members will respect the specific rules for the different activities set by the club to keep everyone safe and the club Covid-19 secure.
Full details for specific rules for different activities can be found by following the Links below:


View our general tennis guidlines here


Rules for ‘mix-in’ tennis during COVID-19 (‘6 Mix’ tennis)

We interpret current government guidance as not permitting the traditional Avenue-style mix-in for tennis players. Essentially, this means that you cannot just turn up and play on those mornings, afternoons and evenings as you were used to before the pandemic. This is because all courts have to

be booked and you can only enter the club if your name appears on a court booking. This is in line with LTA guidance and is because, if there were to be an outbreak of COVID-19 associated with the club we may be asked for the details of all those on the premises over a certain period of time.

We have recently agreed that a restricted form of mix-in can be permitted within government guidance, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Thursday mornings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the first instance. The rules for ‘6 Mix’ tennis are as follows:

  • Players must notify the organiser, through the relevant WhatsApp group, in advance to ensure their name appears on a court booking.
  • Players must stay on the court to which they are booked (or allocated on arrival) apart from one rotation per 2 courts and per session.
  • Two players (only) from each court may move to the adjoining court, which ensures players are not mixing with more than 5 others, in accordance with current government advice.
  • Mix-in sessions will be supervised by a Tennis Committee member (or nominated delegate) who will be accountable for ensuring that social distancing guidelines are adhered to and players follow the club’s Covid-secure guidance.

Please remember: we are asking you to follow this guidance so that we can look after our members by reducing the risk of transmitting the disease between you.
Please contact the office for details of the WhatsApp administrators for the various 6 Mix social tennis sessions.


League matches are not yet running. Inter club competitions must follow the club guidance for tennis & squash.


The Avenue Back to Squash COVID 19 Playing Path

New club guidance from 10th October 2020
In line with England Squash advice the squash courts can be opened during the day from Saturday 10th October 2020 on the basis of members agreeing and following this new guidance.

A. Members will ‘self-police’ their COVID 19 safety measures outlined in previous club guidance
B. Members will adopt the ‘your brother’s keeper’ to ensure all members are adhering to guidance and follow previous club guidance on how to identify any infringement, to the club.
C. Will support the club initiative once cctv cameras have been installed to complete spot check monitoring of play via feedback taking into account all GDPR regulations.

Members are encouraged to create or join a bubble of 6, bubbles must be registered with the office. This will enable the playing of ‘full squash’.

Members who are not in a bubble of six or family bubble must follow England Squash directive and only play ‘sides’ and training routines identified in their guidance.

We are currently following England Squash Phase 2 Guidance

Before your visit:

  1. Book court online and add any other players name to the booking. Courts are booked for one hour; lights turn off after 45 minutes to allow time for sanitisation and exit.
  2. Read Responsible Member Declaration and watch video demonstration to be found on website.
  3. No non-playing visitors or members.
  4. Play that is allowed: singles, your household bubble members, partner sides or full play with a member of your squash bubble https://www.englandsquash.com/back-to-squash/guidance-for- players
  5. Bring own first aid kit for any injuries and report any sustained at the club to the office. Club first aid kit may only be used by a trained first aider such (Office, Bar staff, Coaches, Gym instructors).
  6. Please ‘report any accidents & significant injuries’ to the office.
  7. Government and ES guidance for your information https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus https://www.englandsquash.com/back-to-squash
  8. Change into squash gear and bring: a new boxed squash ball, spare t-shirt, sweat bands, filled water bottle, squash grips, small towel and all your other own equipment.
  9. Check that you are fit and well. And that you have no Covid 19 symptoms ie: temperature, cough, lack of taste or smell. If you do, do not visit the club.
    When you arrive
  10. Arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before booking. Changed and ready to play.
  11. Adhere to parking instructions.
  12. Enter using fob by the front door.
  13. Wash hands using disabled toilet sink (check to see that no one else is using it and socially distance if they are) and sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser attached to the wall next to the court you will be using.
  14. Use sanitiser spray and paper towels provided to clean touch points (ie: door handles) and wipe up any sweat spots on the floor.
  15. Maintain 2 metre distancing within club house at all times.
  16. Use disabled toilet. (Ladies & Gents changing rooms and toilets are out of bounds)
    On court
  17. Take all your equipment onto the court and place out of the way of play.
  18. Do not touch court walls or floor.
  19. Maximum of two players on court.
  20. Only one player to handle ball if playing ‘sides’. Link to ways to play information here.
  21. Mop up any sweat pools on floor with paper towel and use spray sanitiser only.
    Leaving the squash court and club
  22. Disinfect touch points after using court. Using sanitiser spray and paper towels provided.
  23. Leave court door open for ventilation.
  24. Do not shower.
  25. Take all your equipment with you.
  26. Wash hands and use sanitiser.
  27. Leave the club house promptly via rear fire exit door. Following one-way arrows. 27. Maintain social distancing at all times on leaving the club.


The gym is now only available on a pre-booked basis with 2 Slots available per hour.
Your booking gives you a 45 minute workout session followed by a 10 minute window to clean the equipment you have used. Use must then leave the gym via the rear fire door 5 minutes before the end of your booked session to avoid meeting the next members arriving whilst you are leaving.

  1. Do not come to the gym or book a space if you have Covid19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus- covid-19/symptoms/
  2. Your booking gives you access to the front door & gym door 5 minutes before your booked session
  3. Arrive changed and ready to workout, there are no changing facilities or showers
  4. Follow the one way entrance and exit points, observing the 2 metre social distancing rule at all times
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly on arrival (disabled toilet only) and use the sanitiser outside of the gym door before entering the gym
  6. Bring your own full water bottles, there is no access to water dispenser
  7. On arrival all windows are to be fully opened during the course of your gym session (wipe
    handles after opening & closing with sanitiser spray & blue paper towel)
  8. No ‘gym towels’ allowed, please use the blue paper towel provided
  9. Booking slots are for one hour, this is a 45 minute workout time, allowing for 10 minutes to clean at the end of your session, users must leave the gym 5 minutes before the end of their one hour session
  10. The gym has been divided into 3 zones, Cardio, Weights & Toning machines, each member has a 15 minute period in each zone.
  11. Keep to the zonal areas, only one member In a zone at a time, do not cross into a zone another member is using
  12. Please clean the equipment before and after use with the sanitiser spray and blue roll provided in each zone and use the hand sanitiser provided between equipment and when moving into another zone
  13. Please wash your hands when leaving the club using the hand basins located under the balcony.
  14. Gym use is restricted to 2 members from different households or the same household per hour
  15. To book 3 members from the same household(please contact the office)

Bar Service

  1. When you arrive at the club text 07762 484623 WITH YOUR NAME!! to confirm your table location, await confirmation and an invitation to either head up the external staircase or take a seat at a table outside.
  2. Once seated text your table number and order to: 07762 484623
  3. You will receive two text messages, the first to confirm receipt of your order, the second to invite you to the bar to collect your order and make your payment by CREDIT /DEBIT CARD ONLY
  4. Please use the hand sanitiser in the dispenser (positioned at the balcony door) before approaching the bar
  5. The bar person will invite you to make your payment, then ask you to step back behind the line on the floor whilst the transaction is processed
  6. When invited, collect your order, and take it to your table following the one-way system. If you are sitting outside, this will be through the function room, down the back stairs and out through the fire door.
  7. Please take care when carrying drinks downstairs. You should only carry your own drink as carrying a tray will reduce your ability to see the steps or grasp the handrail if necessary.
  8. Please make sure this door is closed once you have exited the building, as entry through this door is prohibited
  9. Please dispose of your glasses and bottles in the recycling bins provided

Responsible Member Declaration

By booking a tennis or squash court, space in the gym or a table at the bar you are signing up to adhere to this club guidance. You are agreeing to the terms/ protocols described and are encouraged to highlight instances of other members not adhering to them by either politely pointing it out to them or emailing the office with the date and time of the infringement. The consequences of failing to adhere to the club guidelines will be:

  1. In the first instance, an informal warning
  2. Second instance, a formal warning (letter or email)
  3. Third instance, a temporary disabling of your fob and access to the club

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