A not-for-profit member’s club, for tennis, squash, racketball, table tennis, fitness and social activities


No matter what your age or ability, The Avenue has something that can cater for your tennis needs


With 3 courts including one glass backed, there are plenty of opportunities to play

Table Tennis

With a thriving social table tennis scene, and 2 teams that play in the Portsmouth and District Table tennis league, there’s something for all standards


Gym with cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights along with a selection of group exercise classes


We have our own bar and function room and a thriving social community holding regular social activities and events

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Contact us to find out more about The Avenue and our membership packages

Instructions for booking and paying for tennis courts and flodlights at The Avenue

Bookable times (all subject to weather conditions permitting play)

The Clay & Artificial Grass Courts are bookable from 8am – 9.30pm

The Grass Courts are bookable during the summer only from 11am – Dusk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday and from 10am – Dusk Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

How to book

  1. From the Court Bookings Menu select Online Bookings
  2. Log in to your membership account, with your Avenue User ID:
    At your first log in please use the word password, as your password, you will then be prompted to change it to one of your choice.
  3. Select ‘Top up credit’ to top up your account to book tennis courts.
    All tennis courts are subject to a £2 charge for every 30 minutes booked. The maximum court bookable time is 120 minutes.
  4. To book a court select your preferred surface.
    Choose from:
    Grass Courts Numbered 1-10 Summer only – Only available to Combined, U25 Combined & Full Tennis Members and to Juniors only during the times specified in the Tennis Bylaws .
    All Hard Courts: Clay Courts are numbered 11-14 Artificial Grass Courts are numbered 15-17 – Available to all tennis members adult & junior.
  5. NEW; Select the time you would like to start play, at this point the system brings up a screen and you will be able to select a court for 30. 60. 90 or 120 minutes subject to availability rather than booking all sessions individually. Select your preferred length of time.
    Click ‘confirm, your court is now booked and a confirmation email will be sent to you. The booker is ‘Player 1
  6. At this point you will be able to add up to 3 opponents ‘Players 2, 3 and 4

How to add another member to your booking

  • When you have booked your court you can add another member/s or guest (fee payable) to your booking, either click on your first bookable court time in the grid or retrieve your booking in the ‘my bookings tab’
  • Clicking on the slot will bring up a membership list, start typing the name of the member you wish to add, select the member and save, continue of you wish to add up to three players.
  • Important: You will only be able to book and add members to grass court bookings that are eligible to play on the grass.
  • Only the booker ‘Player 1’ can add or remove another player/s
  • If you are playing singles you can add 1 player, if you are playing doubles you can add up to 3 other players.
  • A confirmation email is sent to both player one and any other player named on the booking.
  • To add a guest to your booking, select adult or junior guest from the membership list and save, the guest fee is taken from your fob account.

Important points to remember.

  • Courts are booked via your online login and the member booking the court pays the full court fee.
    You will need to have funds on your online account to book courts.
  • All tennis courts will be charged at £2 for every 30 minutes booked.
    30 minutes £2.00
    60 minutes £4.00
    90 minutes £6.00
    120 minutes £8.00
  • The booking fee is refunded to the member that paid the court booking fee when the booker or one of the named players on the booking fobs through the gate. Please note: All members are still expected to fob in.
  • The refund is time sensitive and limited to fobbing though the gate during the 15-minute access period before the booking and 15 minutes into first bookable time slot only, if the booker or one of the named players on the booking have not fobbed through the gate during this 30-minute period the courts are released for rebooking and the booking fee is forfeited by the member.
  • If you need to make changes to the start or finish time of your tennis court booking, in order for the full refund process to be activated when you fob through the gate, you will need to cancel your whole booking and start again, courts added either side of an existing booking are treated as new separate bookings and will not
    activate the full refund process.
  • Cancellation rules: The court booking can be cancelled by members at any time in the 7 days before the booking and up to one hour before the booking slot for a full refund, If a court is cancelled within one hour of the start of the court booking the member forfeits the court fee.
  • You can top up your account via PayPal in your online booking area or by bacs to:
    The Avenue Lawn Tennis Squash & Fitness Club
    Acc number 00010117
    Sort code 30-93-97
    Please use your surname and online User Id as a reference.
    Please note: Top ups via PayPal hit your account immediately, top ups via bacs are subject to a delay due to bank account reconciliation.

Download PDF

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Booking and paying for Floodlights

The floodlights are now bookable on your day of play from your pc, tablet or mobile device at home or from your mobile device when at the club.

How does the system work?

Log in and book your court in the normal way.

Reminder, you need to have funds on your account to pay for floodlights. You can top up your account via PayPal when logged in to your online booking account or by contacting the office.

If your booking a court on the same day that you wish to activate the lights the confirmation box below will come up immediately, if your court booking is at another time in the next 7 days you will need to log in on the day that you are playing to activate the lights.

Log into the online booking system, go to ‘My bookings’ select the booking you wish to add the lights for and you will see that a ‘Manage lights’ function has been added, click on ‘Manage lights’ (Note: the ‘Manage lights’ button only appears in the first 30 minute time slot that you have booked)

Floodlights 1

This will then bring up the green floodlight control box below:

Floodlights 2

Choose your start time, then the duration you would like the floodlights to be on for.
Lights can be purchased for a minimum of 10 minutes then at increments of 5 minutes up to 2 hours.

Floodlights 3
Floodlights 4

Click the blue buy button, the confirmation box below will appear with ‘the lights on until time’ as shown below. The lights will then come on at the booked time.

Important points to remember:

  1. Floodlight bulbs are very fragile and expensive! if do not purchase enough time and the lights go out before you finish play, the lights cannot be reactivated for a period of 15 minutes to protect the bulbs. So please ensure that you purchase enough floodlight time, refunds however will not be given if you finish playing before the end of your court time.
  2. We are advising members to not book their lights too far in advance on the day if the weather looks like it may change. The system is not set to give an automatic refund of the lights fee if the courts are cancelled.
  3. Any member named on a booking can purchase the lights for that session by logging into their account and following the steps above.
  4. If you have The Avenue website and Booking system bookmarked on your pc or mobile device, the court management box with the four blue tabs as shown above may be truncated and the cancel button may not be visible, you will need to refresh the page or clear your browsing history, the cancel button will then reappear.
  5. Lights payments that you have made can be found by going to ‘My Transactions’ (see below) when logged into the online booking system, useful to know if you need to divide a lights payment between members after play. Please note, it is the members responsibility to collect floodlight payments from their opponents if you are sharing the fee, the office will not be adjusting floodlight payments between members accounts.
Floodlights 5

Please contact us to find out more about what the club has to offer and our membership packages, visits to the club are welcomed by appointment please call the club office to make an appointment.

023 9248 2750

The Avenue LTS&FC, Southleigh Rd, Havant, PO9 2RS

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Office Opening Hours

​Monday - Saturday 08:30am - 12:30pm

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