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No matter what your age or ability, The Avenue has something that can cater for your tennis needs


With 3 courts including one glass backed, there are plenty of opportunities to play

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With a thriving social table tennis scene, and 2 teams that play in the Portsmouth and District Table tennis league, there’s something for all standards


Gym with cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights along with a selection of group exercise classes


We have our own bar and function room and a thriving social community holding regular social activities and events

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Guidance for booking tennis courts

In order to comply with the LTA and Government advice we have had to make changes to the court booking system.

The booking system has been extended to include all the grass courts with the following restrictions.

  • Singles play with 2m social distancing maintained at all times
  • [New] When playing doubles with people from outside your household ensure you stay 2m
    apart at all times and agree in advance who will take balls that land in the middle of the
  • To gain access to the courts you will need to have a court booked in your name or your name attached to a booking as an opponent.

This new system will be in place from Monday 18th May

Bookable times (all subject to weather conditions permitting play)

The Clay & Artificial Grass Courts are bookable from 8am – 8.00pm

The Grass Courts are bookable 11am – 8pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday and from 10am – 8pm Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

The court closing times have been brought forward to allow for a security check at the end of the day.

How to book

  1. From the Court Bookings Menu select Online Bookings
  2. Log in to your membership account, with your usual Avenue User ID and Password (please contact the office if you need a reminder of your User ID or your password resetting.
  3. Once logged in select your preferred surface.
    Choose from:
    Grass Courts Numbered 1-10 – Only available to Combined, U25 Combined & Full Tennis Members and to Juniors only during the times specified in the Tennis Bylaws which can be viewed here: https://www.avenueltsc.co.uk/images/TENNIS_-BYE-LAWS_2020.pdf
    Clay Courts Numbered 11-14 – Available to all tennis members adult & junior
    Artificial Grass Courts Numbered 15-17 – Available to all tennis members adult & junior
  4. NEW; Select the time you would like to start play, at this point the system brings up a screen and you will be able to select a court for 30. 60. 90 or 120 minutes subject to availability rather than booking all sessions individually. Select your preferred length of time.
    Click ‘save, your court is now booked and a confirmation email will be sent to you. The booker is ‘Player 1’
  5. At this point you will be able to add your opponent if you are playing singles ‘Player 2’ or members of your household if you are playing doubles. ‘Players 2, 3 and 4’

How to add another member to your booking

  • When you have booked your court you can add another member/s to your booking, either click on your first bookable court time in the grid or retrieve your booking in the ‘my bookings tab’
  • Clicking on the slot will bring up a membership list, start typing the name of the member you wish to add, select the member and save. Repeat if you are adding other members of your household. Important: You will only be able to book and add members to grass court bookings that are eligible to play on the grass.
  • Only the booker ‘Player 1’ can add or remove another player/s
  • If you are playing singles you can add 1 player, if you are playing with members of your
    household who are currently living with you, you can add up to 3 other players.
  • A confirmation email is sent to both player one and any other player named on the booking.

Changing a booking to another member.

  • Last minute changes Singles: if the booker ‘Player 1’ can no longer play to save having to cancel the court and start again, they can add a 3rd player, To do this log in and select the booking you want to edit in ‘Your bookings’ remove your name from the booking add the 3rd player in the slot for ‘Player 1’ the original booker drops off the booking and loses access to the gate. Only the remaining 2 booked members have access to the gate, If an additional player can no longer play, player 1 will need to remove them and add another opponent.
  • Last minute changes Doubles: if the booker ‘Player 1’ can no longer play to save having to cancel the court and start again, they can add a 5th player. To do this log in and select the booking you want to edit in ‘Your bookings’ remove your name from the booking and add the 5th person in the slot for ‘Player 1’ the original booker drops off the booking and loses access to the gate only the remaining 4 booked members have access to the gate. Any changes to the remaining players have to be made by the booker ‘Player 1’ remove the player that can longer play and follow the steps above to replace the player you have removed. Only the players on the booking will have access to the gate.

Booking without a kiosk

  • The kiosk will not be available to members until the clubhouse is permitted to open.
  • Members will be expected to book online, but for those members who do not have access to online booking, court bookings can be made via phone or email during office hours only and with as much notice as possible.

Important reminders

  1. In order to control the number of members on site, you will only be able to access the gate and club grounds if you have a tennis court booking or are attached to another members booking as an opponent.
  2. To gain access via the gate at the start of the booked time, additional members will need to be attached to the first court session ie if your court is booked from 9 -10:30am additional members need to be added to the 9am court time.
  3. The bookers name ‘Player 1’ will be viewable across all 30-minute court slots booked, the additional names will only appear in the first court session time they are booked into not across all 30-minute slots.
  4. Access to the gate is ‘live’ for fifteen minutes before and duration of your booking.
  5. Please ensure you use your own fob entry to pass through the gate so that we can
    record who has entered the club grounds.
  6. Please vacate your court 10 minutes before the end of your booked slot.
  7. As this is a new system and we need to know how well it is working we will be
    monitoring the court bookings both online and by carrying out spot checks at the club.

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