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Avenue Singles Box Leagues – Final Results

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Competitions, News, Results, Tennis

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the first Avenue singles box league of 2021.

More than two thirds of matches were completed (63 out of 91) with some exciting games and plenty of great competition.

Well done to Ant Spencer who topped group three ahead of Graham Cotterill and to Robert Haines, who was unbeaten in group four, in front of Mike Smith.

Group two provided the most exciting finish with the seven players completing 20 of their 21 matches. Great stuff.

The winner wasn’t decided until the last week when three players remained unbeaten but David Spink deservedly took the honours with six wins out of six, including a tight victory over second-placed Bailey Rowsell.

Top of the tree though was Kris Dymond who won group one in style with four wins out of five ahead of Dougie Galley (2 out of 4) and Jonathan Smith (2 out of 5).

Kris reaped the reward for playing five games in two weeks and would have picked up more points had he not been prevented from playing his last two matches because of work commitments at Wimbledon and Queens.

The only disappointment was that only three of the eight players completed more than half their matches.

That prevented Dougie, Jonathan and Martyn Lawrensen, who was unbeaten in his three games, from mounting an exciting finale to the group.

The league will take a break now to give players time to play their Avenue tournament knockout matches – but will resume again in September for a second and final competition of the year.

All players will be automatically re-entered into the league, unless they express a wish not to. They will be joined by new players with the top and bottom two promoted and relegated accordingly.

Special mention must go to the two women who played this time – ladies’ captain Natalie Denby performing admirably in group two, and Helen Watson, who gave the guys a run for their money in group four. It will be great to see more ladies competing next time.

Players who fail to complete at least half their games in two consecutive league cycles without a valid reason will be automatically dropped from future competition (there is not point in entering if you don’t make the effort to arrange and play as many matches as possible.

Have a great summer (if we ever have one).

Group 1

Kris Dymond (17pts). Dougie Galley (12pts). Jonathan Smith (12pts). Paul Mifsud (11pts). Martyn Lawrensen (10pts). Luke Hooper (8pts). Colin Airton (2pts). Lee Keeping (2pts)

  • Martyn Lawrensen bt Jonathan Smith 7-5 7-5
  • Jonathan Smith bt Dougie Galley 4-6 7-6 10-6
  • Martyn Lawrensen drew with Paul Mifsud 4-6 6-4 5-5 (bad light)
  • Paul Mifsud bt Luke Hooper 1-6 6-4 6-3
  • Luke Hooper bt Jonathan Smith 6-4 7-6
  • Martyn Lawrensen bt Dougie Galley 7-5 5-7 6-2
  • Dougie Galley bt Luke Hooper 6-3 6-2
  • Dougie Galley bt Kris Dymond 6-0 6-3
  • Paul Mifsud bt Lee Keeping 6-2 6-3
  • Jonathan Smith bt Paul Mifsud 6-2 7-5
  • Kris Dymond bt Lee Keeping 6-1 6-0
  • Kris Dymond bt Jonathan Smith 1-6 6-1 10-5
  • Kris Dymond bt Colin Airton 2-6 6-4 (ret)
  • Kris Dymond bt Luke Hooper 7-6 6-2

Group 2

David Spink (24pts). Bailey Rowsell (21pts). Phil Tusler (19pts). Andrew Palmer (16pts). Natalie Denby (11pts). Adam Tolmie (9pts). Jack Tunnicliffe (6pts)

  • David Spink bt Bailey Rowsell 6-4 7-6
  • Bailey Rowsell bt Phil Tusler 1-6 7-5 6-3
  • David Spink bt Phil Tusler 6-4 6-3
  • Phil Tusler bt Andrew Palmer 6-2 6-4
  • Bailey Rowsell bt Natalie Denby 4-6 6-4 10-5
  • Andrew Palmer bt Jack Tunnicliffe 6-2 6-7 10-0
  • Adam Tolmie bt Jack Tunnicliffe 6-3 6-1
  • Andrew Palmer bt Natalie Denby 7-6 2-6 10-6
  • David Spink bt Adam Tolmie 6-2 6-1
  • Phil Tusler bt Natalie Denby 6-2 6-2
  • David Spink bt Andrew Palmer 6-3 6-1
  • Andrew Palmer bt Adam Tolmie 6-3 6-4
  • Phil Tusler bt Adam Tolmie 6-2 6-0
  • David Spink bt Jack Tunnicliffe 6-2 6-1
  • Phil Tusler bt Jack Tunnicliffe 6-2 6-2
  • Natalie Denby bt Adam Tolmie 6-0 7-5
  • Bailey Rowsell bt Adam Tolmie 6-3 6-3
  • David Spink bt Natalie Denby 3-6 6-2 6-1
  • Bailey Rowsell bt Jack Tunnicliffe 6-3 6-4
  • Bailey Rowsell bt Andrew Palmer 6-2 0-6 6-3

Group 3

Ant Spencer (17pts). Graham Cotterill (16pts). Matt Hotchkiss (14pts). Andy Perkins (11pts). Dennis Greenwood (7pts). George Knight (6pts). Phil Pinto (1pt)

  • Ant Spencer bt Dennis Greenwood 4-6 6-2 1-1 (ret)
  • Matt Hotchkiss bt George Knight 6-1 3-6 10-7
  • Graham Cotterill bt George Knight 7-5 6-2
  • Ant Spencer bt Andy Perkins 6-4 6-4
  • Matt Hotchkiss bt Graham Cotterill 3-6 7-6 10-8
  • Dennis Greenwood bt George Knight 7-6 5-7 6-1
  • Andy Perkins bt Matt Hotchkiss 4-6 6-1 7-5
  • Andy Perkins bt George Knight 6-2 6-4
  • Graham Cotterill bt Dennis Greenwood 6-1 6-4
  • Ant Spencer bt Phil Pinto 7-6 6-2
  • Matt Hotchkiss bt Ant Spencer 7-6 6-3
  • Ant Spencer bt Graham Cotterill 4-6 6-4 6-4
  • Graham Cotterill bt Andy Perkins 1-6 6-3 6-4

Group 4

Robert Haines (24pts). Mike Smith (21pts). Russ Howarth (10pts). Steve Joy (10pts). Kevin Matchan (8pts). Martyn Wilkes (4pts). Helen Watson (3pts)

  • Robert Haines bt Kevin Matchan 6-0 6-0
  • Kevin Matchan bt Martyn Wilkes 6-3 6-4
  • Mike Smith bt Martin Wilkes 6-0 6-0
  • Robert Haines bt Martin Wilkes 6-0 6-0
  • Steve Joy bt Kevin Matchan 6-2 6-1
  • Mike Smith bt Russ Howarth 6-2 6-0
  • Mike Smith bt Helen Watson 0-6 7-5 10-7
  • Robert Haines bt Russ Howarth 6-0 6-1
  • Robert Haines bt Steve Joy 6-0 6-1
  • Mike Smith bt Kevin Matchan 6-2 6-0
  • Robert Haines bt Helen Watson 6-2 6-2
  • Mike Smith bt Steve Joy 6-0 6-1
  • Robert Haines bt Mike Smith 6-0 6-4
  • Steve Joy bt Martyn Wilkes 6-1 6-0
  • Russ Howarth bt Steve Joy 6-3 6-4
  • Russ Howarth bt Kevin Matchan 6-1 6-1


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