Avenue Summer Tournament Finals Day – Sunday 4th September.

All the finals of this year’s Avenue Summer tournament took place on Sunday 4th September, the first kicking off at 10am and the last finishing at around 6:30pm. The weather was very kind, rain from the previous day had all but dried up when the bulk of matches started at midday.

The Ladies doubles was an epic three hour battle, Gill Clarke and Liz Lim eventually taking the win over Meyer and Masona. The Men’s Doubles was a much quicker affair, the seasoned pair of Udal and Steeds winning in straight sets against Green and Moakes. The ladies 3 hour marathon did mean the order of play became somewhat fluid, but all the competitors took this in their stride and played when and where they were instructed.

This year’s Ladies Singles Champion is Sadia Meyer, defeating Alice Robson in straight sets, and the Men’s Singles Champion, for an amazing eleventh time, is Ian Udal, who defeated Chris Green, a reverse of their Winter singles final.

A huge thank you to all the players for making the event run smoothly, and to the spectators who supported all the matches. An even bigger thank you to all the members who brought along food, and to Gavin Fullstone for running the bar all day. Great tennis, great food and drink, and no rain, what more can you ask for on Summer Finals Day at the Avenue.

Avenue Summer Tournament Finals 2016

Mens Singles Champion – Ian Udal

Ladies Singles Champion - Sadia Meyer

Mens Doubles Champions – I Udal / R Steeds

Ladies Doubles Champions – G Clarke / L Lim

Mixed Doubles Champions – J Ellis / S Meyer

Mens Hcap Singles Champion – D Moakes

Mens Hcap Doubles Champions – A Gilliatt / N Tigg

Ladies Hcap Doubles Champions – S Price / N Locke

Mixed Hcap Champions – N Tigg / L Hull

Mens O45 Doubles Champions – G Tarvin / A Clarke

Ladies O40 Doubles Champions – V Masona / L Lim

Mixed O40/O45 Doubles Champions – R Mort / F Palmer

O55 Singles Champion – P Broad

Mens O45 Singles Champion – R Steeds

Ladies O40 Singles Champion – V Masona

Blind Date Champions – N Diodovich / H Watson

County Week 2016

Aegon Summer County Cup 2016

This year's County Week has to go down as one of the Club's events of the year and beyond. It featured a high moment in the history of the club with the visit of The Davis Cup. Enthusiasts were photographed with the trophy and visitors young and old were made to feel welcome by the Avenue members who supervised things so well. Numerous wheel chairs took advantage of the well organised access arrangements.

The tennis was of a very high standard. Several of the players, aged from 16 years up to not very many, can boast international and Wimbledon experience. Some headed off to prepare to for Junior International team matches. The winning team was Hertfordshire. Their first pair, Emily Arbuthnott and Amanda Elliott join the '15-15 club'. They played and won all fifteen matches, albeit surviving several match points in a their 6-2,6-7(5),7-6(5) victory over Hannah Brett and Sophie Drakeford-Lewis of Berkshire. Who would not wish to be in Emily's shoes as she heads off, with a string of high academic achievements, to take up a full tennis scholarship at Stanford University in California? This is Mc Enroe's old 'school' and rated as the top tennis college. He thanks his time as a student there for keeping him, very briefly, out of the limelight.

The weather played an important part in allowing a high standard of play on our beautiful courts set in the lovely surroundings of well kept hedges and our neighbouring elegant buildings and trees. The courts attracted universal praise. Yet again our grounds team have reached a new high.

Avenue members, as ever, played their part, not only in the extensive preparation of various parts of the club and court surrounds each day, but in making the players and their travelling supporters feel welcome.

Things went with a swing starting with the drinks reception on Sunday.

A Tuesday evening BBQ was well received by the teams and members. The Wednesday quiz likewise, with an extremely tight finish, and a hearty buffet supper.

The bar provided outstanding service throughout the week.

The visiting LTA match officials did a great job.

We have repeatedly enjoyed the very best of catering at this event. The quality of the food, the efficiency and charm of the service was of the very highest order. It provides a brilliant opportunity to entertain guests.

The office and service staff, supported at one critical moment by the services of Dynarod, provided an invaluable engine to drive events.

The club is indebted to all who helped and supported in this outstanding event.

The club benefits from a direct £4000 facility fee and other support from the LTA.

A small display of photos is on show in the bar.

Doug Yelland, Avenue County Week Representative.

Full results please visit:

http://lta.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draw.aspx?id=A6D4E32D-29D5-47F5-8FC6-2EDAFC763846&draw=1 and navigate within.

Ladies' Doubles

Doug Yelland

County week Representative

New website launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the third version of our website. 

This has been created using Joomla! and brings us up to date with the latest trend in website design. 
It is mobile friendly and offers our team the ability to manage the creation and update of articles via a web portal using the Content Management System that is integral to Joomla!

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Hopefully everything is working as expected, but in the unlikely event you spot something awry, please do let the office know.